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Home Heating Mistakes That Spike Your Energy Bill

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Winter Savings

When it comes to heating your home, you might be running into some old habits that are costing you money. How you heat your home is entirely up to you, but you should know how to save a little extra cash each month on your energy bill. While we all love to be cozy when it is cold out, nothing is more comfortable than knowing you are saving money and not having your energy bill drain your wallet. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid to help save on your energy bills!

An Old Thermostat

Your thermostat is the command center for your HVAC system. Older thermostats can get the job done, but why settle for just getting the job done and not get something that excels. A smart thermostat does not just have the benefit of a sleeker design, but you can save money by going digital.

There's no other way around it; your old thermostat can be costing you money. While older thermostats do work, they are not as energy efficient as their smart counterparts. Turning a dial is not as accurate as inputting exact temperature readings on a digital screen. Every degree costs you money, so whatever you can save each month can go a long way.

How you use your thermostat will determine how much you can save, but expect a noticeable change of at least 10% in savings on your monthly energy bill.

On top of saving you money, a smart thermostat can help you keep an eye on how much you use your HVAC system from month to month. Easily keep a digital record of your HVAC system used throughout the season to help learn when you tend to use your appliances more often. Tracking your usage can help you plan and readjust your HVAC usage if you feel your energy bills are higher than usual.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance

We know that repairs can add up, but you can save money on future repairs by scheduling routine maintenance. Avoiding annual inspections on your furnace and other appliances can cost you a lot of money in repairs later. If you forget to get a yearly check-up on your furnace, you could be looking at more frequent costly repairs that might have been avoided with a simple inspection. Repairing your heating systems is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire system.

Not Cleaning Your Air Filters

You need to clean your heating system; there is no way around that. A dirty air filter can lead to excess build-up of allergens like dust and pet dander, which can put a lot of strain on your heating system. The harder your heating system has to work, the more energy it uses to heat your home and lead to more frequent repairs as your heating system is dealing with a lot of strain.

Avoid these issues by regularly cleaning or replacing your air filters every two to three months. Not only can you save money, but your home's indoor air quality will improve dramatically.

Not Taking Advantage Of Warm Clothes

Cranking up the heat is nice, but it can cost you a fortune if you are not careful. Another way you can save on your energy bill is dressing warmly indoors, whether in a nice sweater or pajamas, to avoid cranking up the heat higher than you need it. The less time you spend messing with your thermostat, the more you save each month on your energy bill.

Call our team today at (724) 241-8698, and we can walk you through more ways you can save or answer your heating system questions! Saving money is just a simple phone call away.