Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Nowadays, more than ever, it’s essential to keep your indoor air quality as clean as can be. Although it’s invisible to the human eye, you’d be unpleasantly surprised at what is actually lingering in the air you’re breathing on a daily basis. Between dust, airborne allergens, and other contaminants, all of these factors can bring on signs of indoor allergies — and if you’re sick, or looking to avoid sickness, it can only make matters worse.

So, in order to keep you and your family out of potential harm, here are some ways you can improve your “IAQ” with help from our team:

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Have a UV Light Sterilization System Installed

Let’s face it: It’s nearly impossible to see what’s lurking inside of your home’s air ducts without the assistance of a professional. And if you opt to go without regular duct cleanings, then you could be putting you and your family at risk — but how? Simply put: any harmful airborne debris that’s lingering in your ductwork will be distributed around your home the minute you turn on your HVAC unit.

However, an excellent way to combat this is to invest in UV light sterilization technology. Although this terminology may sound complicated, the way it works is relatively simple. As it’s known, ultraviolet light is helpful in killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Now, when a germicidal light is installed in your home’s HVAC system, it will help skim through any air being produced, remove a majority of the harmful airborne contaminants and will deliver pure, clean air to your family!

Schedule Duct Cleanings Regularly

Another way you can keep your indoor air quality top-tier is to consider scheduling a professional duct cleaning appointment. Not only will this extremely beneficial service help remove any lingering debris from every square inch of your air ducts and improve your indoor air quality, but it will even help your HVAC unit run much more efficiently.

Think about it like this: when there are obstructions (both big and small) in your air ducts, your HVAC unit will have to work twice as hard to produce air to travel through the narrow passageway. And, of course, anything that’s creating that narrow path (we’re looking at you, dust), can make its way into that air delivery — which isn’t a good thing; especially for those with asthma.

Therefore, a duct cleaning will help provide peace of mind and get all lingering debris out of your ducts, providing a clean, smooth passage for air to travel. Additionally, if any obstructions or problems are discovered during the cleaning, your technician will notify you right away.

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality With Help From Our Team!

From high-efficiency air filters to humidifiers and dehumidifiers, we have an incredible selection of options to help keep you and your family safe. For more information on the indoor air quality services we offer, and to book your appointment, give Homer Nine and Sons, Inc. at (724) 241-8698!

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