What Can Cause Poor IAQ at Home?

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a hot topic right now — in fact, springtime is buzzing with flowers and bees that carry pollen. And while you may be busy sneezing and getting watery eyes outside, there's no reason you should have to suffer through those symptoms inside, too!

However, what can be confusing is where this poor indoor air quality comes from. Sure, there can be many signs within your home, but if you're unsure where to look, we put together a few key examples to be on the hunt for!

Why do I Have Poor IAQ?

Air Fresheners

With a range of satisfying scents and being able to pick from a plentiful selection, air fresheners may bring irresistible smells into your home — but what else are they releasing into the air? It may be essential to take a look at the formulas that are in your air fresheners and do some research on what these chemicals mean.

Some of these ingredients are harmful, like phthalates, which are found in nail polishes, perfumes, and other products. While these chemicals are prevalent, family members may begin to struggle to breathe and have asthma-related symptoms.

Dusty Vents

Dusty vents are a clear sign that there is a more significant problem within your home. Dusty vents are made up of dust (obviously), pet dander, skin cells, and other irritants (and micro-components) that are prevalent in your home. As dust builds up around your air vents, it's pushing out air that is supposed to be clean — but, instead, is infected with these airborne allergens. To avoid this problem, getting a professional duct cleaning can help tremendously!

Gas Stoves

While gas stoves are more efficient than electric, your appliance may be emitting harmful gases into your home's air. For example, you could be releasing carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air you breathe. Although these are released in higher quantities in the winter, it's still important to pay attention to these levels year-round to ensure the safety of your family.

If You Do Have Poor IAQ…

Having poor indoor air quality is something that should be taken seriously. If you're worried about your IAQ, Homer Nine and Sons, Inc. has many services that can ensure your air quality is as clean as can be. If you're curious about these services, contact us at (724) 241-8698.


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