KDKA Radio Home Improvement Hour

with Dale Nine & Dale Enders

This weekly radio segment focuses on questions regarding your HVAC need for your residential needs. Topics range from Furnace efficiencies to Carbon Monoxide dangers as well as tips and recommendations on what's new and what can benefit you.

Segment 15 - Variable Speed Blower Motors

Segment 14 - Air Conditioner Runs too long

Segment 13 - Locating Outdoor Air Conditioner

Segment 12 - Spring time Clean & Checks

Segment 11 - Repeat failures on parts of their HVAC System

Segment 10 - Is it true by 2010 there will be no more freon for air conditioners

Segment 9 - What is the most important choice a homeowner has when it comes to heating and cooling their home?

Segment 8 - What is a Heat Pump?

Segment 7 - How do they Heat and cool their additions?

Segment 6 - What do people need to know about cooling efficiency?

Segment 5 - What do you I need to know about Carbon Monoxide

Segment 4 - What kind of Air Filter do you recommend? 

Segment 3 - Experiencing temperature difference between floors and even rooms of their homes, Whats the best fix?

Segment 2 - What choices do you have when it comes to heating efficiency?

Segment 1 - How much better is a two-stage cooling system. 

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