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These are just two of the many popular ionizing air cleaners on the market today.  They have increased in popularity as they prey on the fears of the public regarding their indoor air quality, through creative infomercials and retail store marketing.  While IAQ is certainly a cause for concern, these room ionizing air cleaners have been proven to do a very poor job of removing dust ans smoke from the air, and may even be harmful.


Ionizing air cleaners impart an electrical charge to the air, creating charged molecules known as ions.  These ions cling to some airborne particles, and are then attracted to a collection plate that is oppositely charged.  During this process, ozone is produced as a by-product, which then exits the cleaner and flows into the room.  Ozone can re-attach itself to other molecules, and alter them or weigh them out of the air stream, thereby “reducing odors”.  The problem with this approach is ozone is a lung irritant, and in large doses, can worsen respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma.  The FDA and OSHA have set a limit of 50 ppb of ozone for medical devices, however some of the popular room ionizing air cleaners, which are not regulated or approved as medical devices, actually produce up to 300 ppb!  (May 2005 Consumers Reports)


Take it from the American Lung Association  -  “The ALA does not  suggest the use of these products (ozone generators, ion generators)”.  (



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