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Homer Nine & Sons, Inc., AC repair service company in Beaver PA
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                                TWO-STAGE   AND VARIABLE SPEED




Traditional furnaces are designed to Heat your home, and keep you warm during the coldest weather in your climate; therefore, they operate at one levelhigh”.  However, even during winter, temperatures fluctuate and many winter days can be somewhat mild.


Unlike traditional furnaces that turn on and run at full capacity with each demand for heating, Two-Stage furnaces operate like two separate furnaces to maintain more consistent comfort in your home.  The unit starts out running in first stage, and operates at about 68% of its heating capacity.  But when the temperature outside drops, the furnace adjusts to full capacity (second stage) to meet the demand for heat within the home.  It’s kind of like having two furnaces for the price of one.  With Two-Stage heating you won’t have to keep adjusting the thermostat.



Ask yourself these questions:  How much time does you and your family spends inside your home?  Did you take time and care to pick furniture, appliances, and other items that met your lifestyle and made you feel comfortable?  Then why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your heating equipment?

If you want and expect high-level performance from your heating equipment, then a Two-Stage furnace is the right choice for you!



When you hear the termVariable Speed it refers to the type of furnace blower motor.  The blower is the component that determines the airflow (or amount of air) that your blower will deliver to your home.



When your furnace is installed, the ideal speed ad airflow for your home is set (depending upon your specific situation such as the size of your home, etc…).  However, there are situations that can occur within the household to restrict the airflow such as ductwork design, unit location, zoning or dirty filters, to name a few.  A Variable Speed motor allows the blower to automatically adjust to always achieve the required amount of air in your home despite the circumstances.  Other motors cannot adjust to overcome the situation and the airflow in our home would not be at its required level.  Variable-Speed motors have intelligent technology to monitor incoming data from the blower and adjust accordingly so

You can feel confident that your system is working to control your environment.



EFFICIENCY-Variable-Speed motors can actually save you money on your energy bill as they consume less electricity than standard motors.  Also having a Variable-Speed furnace as part of your home’s comfort system means you will gain air conditioning efficiency or SEER.  The higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) the more energy efficient the unit.  This means even more energy savings for your household


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